Hello everybody!

My name is HenryRJ and I’m living in Stockholm Sweden. I’ve been in car trading for 40 years and I feel it’s time to change gear to forex trading. Im green in this and I write notes all over the place to remember and learn as much as I can about trading.
Happy to be here and all the best to all of you.

Great to have you here, HenryRJ! ! You’ll definitely learn so much from all the free materials here. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask. There are lots of nice people here who would love to help.

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Welcoooome Henry! :blush: I see what you did there. :wink: Haha. This is a great place to start and hopefully, with due diligence and experience, you’ll also be in the green for forex. :blush: Good luuuck!

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Hey henry… Wish u best of luck. My father was in car business tooo… Hope you will achieve what u r looking for