Hello everyone ,am Jeremiah, a newbie forex trader, i am happy to be a part of this community, thanks for helping me grow

I am Nigerian, and a newbie in the forex world,i am an accountant and a financial analyst hoping to get the best out of the forex world, for years i have been drawn to the forex world and i decided to take the big step, thanks to baby pips i now know a whole lot about forex trading , i hope to be a pro trader soonest with minimized losses and maximized profit.


Congratulations on your sincered journey with Babypips and wishing you the best in your trading exploration of the financial market.


Welcome to the forex world :star_struck: You’re on the right track with babypips. Wishing you minimized losses and maximized profits on your journey.

Welcome to the community! Wish you a profitable trading experience :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome friend, yes that’s what we are all here for, best of luck.

That’s awesome to hear! BabyPips is a great resource for learning :star_struck:

Welcome to the community! Good luck with your trading journey and looking forward to hearing more about your progress.

Welcome to the community! Hope you’re having a great time here! It won’t be an easy journey so be patient with the learning process. Good luck!

Welcome to the community and good luck on your journey!