Hello everyone am new to forex

My name is Ephxpraise. Motion graphics Editor. A friend introduced me to Forex 2 years ago and then proceeded to create a demo account for me. He said “use this demo account to learn and have an idea of risk in forex trading”
This is why am here…
Since then I have been searching the web, google, YouTube, and online tutorial. From one website to another, until I stumbled on babypips.com.
I would love to choose forex trading as my business until I get my ultimate dream.


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Welcoooome! :blush: Ooooh. Another creative! :smiley: What’s your favorite thing about being an editor? :blush: That’s a skill I’ve always wanted to learn. :sweat_smile: But good luuuck! The schoo here is free so I suggest you get started there. :smiley: If you have any questions, just ask away!

Thanks so much

How do I get started?

The course here is a good place to start. :blush:

You’re in the right place, this is a good place to learn.
Good luck on your journey mate

Thanks so much