Hello everyone. First day time on here

Newbie here. Just want to learn as much as I can and see if this is something that I might want to invest in. Originally I was approached by some IML Live folks trying to get me to sign up but it seem to good to be true. so, I did my research (like everyone should before just giving your hard earned money away to strangers) and my suspicions were right. But instead of just saying whatever and going about my life. I decided to start learning more. I mean knowledge Is power, correct? So, I came across this gem and decided to sign up and see what all I can learn. Look forward to learning from everyone and see what this adventure might bring. See y’all around.


Welcome to the forums, best of luck with your adventure and remember to always demo before going live.


Welcome! Hope you find what your looking for and wish you luck on your trading journey!

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welcome to the forum! and I wish you all the best on your trading journey :slight_smile:


Welcome and congrats for the way you realize and refuse IML bulls**t. Read, learn, ask and have a success.

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Good decision to do your own due dilligence. Good luck with your journey. Ask any questions you wish in here, im sure people will help you out as much as they can

Welcome to biggest learning platform

Hello, welcome to this platform, you’ll be able to access the best pieces of advice and information in regards to forex trading. Make sure that you do not just sign up for an account before knowing all that you need to know. Avoid deals that sound too good

Nice thinking. You must never jump into any deal without doing your homework just because the deal sounds good. Free life advice, when someone gives you something fo free, run away. You’ll learn more about that if you stick arounf. This is the best learning forum

Good decision. IML is very expensive

Welcome, enjoy the learning!

Welcome to Baby Pips trading community. If you are interested in learning more about trading, then you are at the right place. Make sure you learn a lot before you start trading. And when you’ll be ready to start, start with a demo account before going to a real account

welcome to the forum and good luck with your journey :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums! Best decision you’ve made there! Trading is a long journey of learning so good luck and hope to learn from you too!

@JJVELEZ welcome to the forum buddy – Enjoy your learning experience!

I’ve heard the IML folks but not quite sure who/ what they are? How do I know who’s legit and what not :weary:

You did the right thing. You can learn all the basics about Forex Trading for free online. You can start here… babypips.com/school.