Hello everyone from Chile!

Hi, this is MorenatorTrader1 brand new member at Babypips. I must say I am getting more and more into FX thanks to this website. I am 47 years old and own my own business but I want to put some money into FX and see what happens. Looking forward to collaborate with everybody!


Welcome to the forum, hope that you learn a lot from here.

Treat it as a second business opportunity. That means you have to dedicate time and energy, just as you’re doing already. No short cuts despite what social media promotes.

That’s the reality. First and foremost learn HOW NOT TO LOSE MONEY. Without money you cannot trade.

best of luck.

Will be wishing you all the best. Make sure to learn before you start trading or putting your money, Demo trading would be really helpful. Happy Journey!

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Welcome on board
Happy Journey

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Thank you!!

Absolutely! first things first. Gotta learn to earn. Thanks for the advice!