Hello everyone i’m newbie here

Thanks for accepting me. I’m newbie to this, just want to learn technical analysis.


Welcome to the community. To be master in forex trading, one needs to have a deep understanding of forex market. You have to good at technical analysis, fundamental analysis and trading psychology. Keep learning…

Hello and welcome! It’s nice to meet you, hopefully this site will help you learn a lot about technical analysis. Good luck out there.

I recommend that you learn online - lots of free content on YouTube

Welcome to the community. For a newbie reminder, forex trading requires high skills and knowledge. You should have the dedication and patience to study and learn.

Every newbie should practice on a demo account.

Demo isn’t going to be enough, you should also practice your trades in real market with small investments.

Practicing is a must thing in this market.

Welcome to the community. You can try this forum educational course. They are good. I also took their course and learn a lot.

Welcome to the community, @rainbowshiny. We’re glad to have you here in the community. You’ve come to the right place to learn. Good luck on your fx trading journey.