Hello everyone I need y'all helps on surport and resistance line please come in

please am a newbie here currently trading with my phone on MT4 how do I draw a surport and resistance line in my MT4 app chart :bar_chart: on mobile

Are you asking how to access the line tool or how to determine areas of support and resistance?

thank you for responding to this mate actually it is the both

how to access the line tool and how to determine areas of support and resistance

If you still haven’t figured it out by now - click anywhere on the chart, a blue circle should appear then click on object tool (picture below), then click on the “+” sign and add any tool of your choice to the chart. When you click on “horizontal line” for example, you’ll have to click on the chart to add it to your preferred location.

For areas of support and resistance - I think you should check youtube first to get a general idea, it’s difficult to explain in writing.

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I’m a newbie too,very Useful info.

hai there you no need go far to learn …its all in babypip school…finish ur school in babypip before u start go futher in trading.i learn all my trade knowledge from babypip school.:blush::blush::blush:

thanks alot mate found it through ya help was thinking trend line and SR doesn’t work for mobile MT4 before but thanks to you

Look on YouTube for basic function tutorial buddy

thanks mate

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I wasn’t being rude just to let you know it’s just most things are on there. You can learn most of the basics and come here to discuss what you have learned