Hello everyone, Im Keegan

im interested in making more money than i do now, i want to be succesful in life, and prove everyone who looked down on me wrong

Trading is a very hard route to making money, few manage it. That being said it’s not impossible but you have to almost forget about making money and focus on the process. Also there are lots of ways to make money online which could be helpful


There is probably lots of ways to feel better about oneself (empowered).It’s a shame we live in a world ,everything about how much money you attain.Are you living in fantasy world ?maybe not.

At least you can give it a go

Welcome Keegan :slight_smile: work hard and be persistant and you will get there

Hello, welcome to the community. When aspiring to be a forex trader, you must know that it is not a road of riches and you won’t be making easy money. Be ready for all the hard work if you really want to be a profitable trader.

Hi and welcome aboard .
It won’t be quick it won’t be easy but it’s well worth good luck buddy

Hello, Keegan. Trading is a fantastic opportunity. It can help you make a lot of money, but only if you are willing to work hard and have patience. So roll up your sleeves.