Hello everyone! I'm new here

Hi everyone! I’m new to investing, never thought I would need to learn but it’s a priority if it means to improve myself and gain some money at least. I’m 20 years, I don’t work so I’m really struggling with no money, so i figured if i learn more in babypips I would start investing slowly and eventually get more money.
I don’t know how all this works so if someone could help me with it I would be so grateful.
wish me all the best!

Unfortunately, you have the wrong mindset to be successful because you need to learn first, and let the money take care of itself. Which is easier said than done.

FX is highly speculative and high risk, and most newbies blow their accounts in weeks, because they will realise that playing around with a few dollars is not going to make them rich. Ever.

Therefore they will overtrade, take high risks, and gamble. It’s inevitable because you’ll see you’re going nowhere fast. And that’s the reality, not social media marketing hype which is mainly fantasy land.

So, you need to make up your mind you’ll spend months learning how to become proficient, or just have fun while it lasts. First open a demo account and see how it goes.


Hello and welcome to the forex world.

am also new and would lie you to join me in my learning journey as my mentor, do you mind?

Welcome to the forex world.

Learn first from this great education site. Press the green button above to start your journey. Take it easy, one step at a time.

Here is a link to help you to construct a FX trading plan. TIPS On How To Create The PERFECT Forex Trading Plan - YouTube.

When you're a beginner in trading, you must concentrate on developing capabilities. It takes time to develop skills. Just a few months of demonstration isn't enough. Don't try to find shortcuts. Learn from https://babypips.com/learn/forex

Thank you so much! I’m really glad you said all this, if you have anything more to say I’m open to learn more!