Hello Everyone! Looking for help

Hello lovely trading types!

Forgive me if this isn’t allowed in this forum - Someone let me know if so and I’ll remove.

For the last few years I have been solo-developing a fantasy trading app from my bedroom - It’s completely free, with no ads. It’s purpose is to provide a safe and fun way to let people get into Forex and Crypto trading by gamifying the process, letting people join trading teams to learn from each other, compete against other teams, and basically have fun while learning the ropes.

I’ve gone pretty far down the rabbit hole here, learning more about trading (and app development) than I ever thought I would!

I would really love some people more experienced than I am to give me their honest opinion of it and let me know feedback - I have no budget for hiring pros, and this has literally taken me years to get to the point of actually getting it on the app stores.

Anyway - if you’d like to take a look you can by searching “Fantasy FX” on the Apple store or Google Play store.

This is NOT an advert for my app - I’m asking for help and feedback to make something useful for people who want to learn about trading without risking their money. Thank You!

hello am new here

Hello and welcome to the world of Forex Trading. Do share your experience in here to learn more about Forex Market.