Hello Everyone - New Here

I’m new here- just signed up.
This seems like a good place to ask all of my newbie questions.
I’ve been trading cryptos for a year and 1/2 and just recently decided to jump into forex. I downloaded the MT4 platform and opened a demo account. I really like Trading view charts and have been using them since I began trading, so using MT4 seems very weird. I will defiantly have a learning curve with getting to know the platform.
So looking forward to interacting with this community as I learn.

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The platform doesn’t have more buttons/tools than take much time (a month) getting used to, MT4 and MT5.

Hi mate,

Always good to see a new face in here

Hey! welcome to the greatest Forex learning platform.

Hey, welcome to the forums, best of luck with your learning journey and trading :slight_smile:

How did your crypto trading go in the past?

Welcome! Good luck with your journey!

Hi Robert, enjoy your time here…

nice to meet you , its a place to become a knowledgeable trader very rapidly by learning , so keep learning including regular practice.

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yes , practice is more important , without having regular practice any good learning approach can be valueless. os emphasis on learning and practicing.

as a beginner there is no best place as like Baby pips forum , you choose right one , keep busy and feel free to ask any question.

Welcome Robert, looking forward to sharing tips

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Definitely no place like here!

Hi all, I am new to this forum… My name is Zack and I have been trading with both demos and live accounts via a variety of brokers over the past couple of years, on and off. My reason for joining this forum is because I heard I can learn a lot from like minded traders and hopefully at some point add some valuable input here too :slight_smile:

I agree, practising using demos for as long as you need until you have the confidence to begin live trading is very important. In the past, I made the mistake of barely finding my feet through a demo and went live almost right away… Needless to say, didn’t go too well lol.

Hi! I am expanding my horizons from crypto as well. Forex platforms do seem heavily outdated, are you using it for the demo only?

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demos are so important

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couldn’t agree more. No shame to use demos until ready to go live. i used demos only for over a year before i started :slight_smile:

totally agree

Hello and welcome to babypips, Robert! Take your time learning the platform. Good luck and hope to see more of you here! :slight_smile:

Got any crypto trading tips for us?