Hello everyone, Newbie Here

Hi there! My name is Klairabelle and I’ve just finished the School of Pipsology, I appreciated the surface scratch and am excited to get to learn more. My first introduction to Forex was actually back a few years ago, my dad was dabbling in it and would have me watch over his trades while he worked in the evening before he came back from work to check it himself. We didn’t really know much about it back then, we had both been trading options and shares [which he introduced me too when I was in high school by having me watch his trades then too (perks of homeschooling)]. My immediate goal is really to develop a system that works for me while I develop myself as a Forex trader, long term I would love for this to be at minimum a supplemental income, and, at maximum, my career.

My why is probably weird and very far down the line but, my youngest sibling absolutely will need someone to help take care of him for all of his life and I would like to be able to have a family of my own. The way things are currently going, I don’t know if I would be able to do that very easily long term while also actually being able to be present with all of them and actually live out my life.

I am thankful to be finally through School of Pipsology (I have a full 180 pages of notes), but I’m excited to keep going and learning! As such, I’m excited to finally join the forums and dip my toes into the community, thanks for being so welcoming and supportive!



Well, give it a try. See if it suits you and your lifestyle.

Best of luck.

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Seconding @steve369. Give it a try and see if it suits you.

Hi and Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Congratulations and welcome buddy :wink:
Happy trading

Hi KB, that’s awesome, I wish you all the flow with it!

I am about to begin the free school here, so I’m looking forward to exploring this journey!


Welcome to the community, Klairabelle. Start with a demo account so that you don’t lose any money while you’re still learning. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hey Klairabelle! Welcome and congratulations on completing the School of Pipsology!

Hey @Klairabelle
Welcome to BP
Good luck!

Welcome to the community, Klairabelle. I hope you get to achieve your goals. Just take your time and be patient in this journey.