Hello everyone :)

Hi babypips. I’m going by the name Alfred Crowe. I have some background in law and I’m a competent Python programmer. I’m hoping to succeed in forex!

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Welcome. (Says I, who only joined a few days ago!)

Aren’t we all!!

Good luck.

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Welcome and lots of knowledge here.

Hello @Alfred_Crowe! Are you trading already or are you just starting to study? Welcome to babypips! :slight_smile:

I’m just studying and slowly making trades and predictions on a practice account, taking a lot of notes :slight_smile:

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Always try to learn from your mistake, but please don’t do same mistake again and again , otherwise there is no chance to be a good trader.

Try to acvquire live knowledge from here and try to trade in
demo or micro with this knolwdhe .

I see. Good luck on your trading journey. See you around. :blush:

Hi Alfred! Welcome to the community! Have you visited the School of Pipsology?

Hi, thank you! I have but I’m currently still reading “naked forex” and have the Babypips school scheduled for after that since it covers more technical stuff.

That’s great! Good luck with that and see you around! :blush: