Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone, my name is Josh and I am 17 years old. I wasn’t born into the most wealthy family, in fact my parents were in their early teens when they had me. Being a child of teen parents was tough especially as there was many financial hardships which we had to endure. It was because of my early life struggles that I always told myself I wouldn’t have any worries (especially financially) when I was older. I never really liked people telling me what to do or the idea of someone being able to control my livelihood (a boss). I have always had aspirations of being an entrepreneur and have been looking for ways to make some income without being employed for some years now. About a year ago I discovered the forex market and did some research here and there but couldn’t really devote my time to fully educate myself as I am a student athlete so I was often busy. However, COVID-19 has granted me some more free time as most things are shut down, like basketball (the sport I play). About 3 weeks ago I discovered babypips.com and have dedicated a good amount of time each day studying the material which is provided here. I have learned many things so far and will continue to do so as I am extremely motivated to accomplish both my short term and long term goals (which involve my success as a trader).

welcome and good luck :slight_smile:

Welcome mate, my saying Learn to Earn.