Hello everyone!

My name is Anton and i am new to Forex. I am here to learn to trade Forex so that I can make money and quit my corporate job. I am hoping to learn and contribute to this community as much as possible and to also enjoy this journey with mike minded people.

Welcome to the forum, FX is not for the faint hearted, sorry to burst your bubble but it takes a few years to get to grips with trading and even if your good you will need a bit of capital behind you to quit your job.
If I’ve read it wrong and if you are capitalised correctly then remember that an average of 75% of retail traders lose money trading (probably more like 95%).
Not saying don’t trade but start with realistic goals, like trading for a year and not losing your bank, increasing it by 5/10%, but not replacing an income that’s the quickest way to lose it all, and never trade unless you can afford to lose your initial bank.