Hello Everyone!

Although I’ve joined in a couple of months ago, this is my first introduction. I’m from India and living in Dubai, UAE.

I’ve taken time off from a regular job and using this time to learn and trade (only microlots for the time being), you guessed it, FOREX! I’ve been trading microlots since the past few months, and yes, of course I’ve lost a bit. But then, as with all businesses, nothing lost, nothing gained, and might I add, nothing learned too!

I am studying Technical Analysis and hope to do it in great detail. I have been fighting off this devilish temptation to subscribe to a signal sevice and then just do what their signals instruct. I prefer formulating my own signals in the near future, that’s why the studies on Technical Analysis. If following signals was so easy, everyone would be a millionaire, that’s what I keep telling myself…!!

It’s all self study, at the moment at least, and let’s see how it goes… :51:

All the very best to all fellow traders on Babypips.

Welcome & well done on shunning the signal services. Relying on signals has never appealed to me, I’m of the philosophy: do it yourself or don’t do it at all - getting someone else to do it for you is cheating.

Have you looked at any of ICT’s stuff? His videos are superb, proper eye openers for us newbies.

Good luck & don’t be shy, get involved in the forum!

Thank You, baz1982, for your encouraging words.

Yes, I’ve seen a few of ICT’s videos, not all, and they are surely there in the self made syllabus!!

Good Luck to you too!

I have found that there are so many strategy that you can use to trade in Technical Analysis such as using indicators, Support/Resistance, Price Action, Patterns, Candlesticks, etc. and also Fundamentals Analysis. You just need to find what works for you.

Signal Services is the very least thing that I will try…

Yes I agree, PipNRoll.

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