Hello Everyone!

Hey my name is Ezra and I’m a completely newbie to all things trading and forex and just want to gain as much knowledge as possible. I look forward to this new journey I am starting!!!

Hi, welcome aboard :slight_smile:

Hey, also new here! I’m usually just a reader, no investments, no risk, just keeping in the loop of the upcoming events and news:)

Hi and welcome to the amazing forum! I also joined the forum as a beginner. Trust me, it is the best forum that you can ever be a part of. From educational materials to expert guidance, there is so much that you can take advantage of here.

Hi there. Welcome aboard. Your journey of learning has just begun so I would suggest you to take the beginners course on BABYPIPS. It will really help you with the basics of the forex market.

It’s fantastic that you want to learn about forex. I would recommend that you begin with a demo account with a credible broker. Set the strategies and make the most of the Eas and indicators like MACD, Bollinger Bands, RSI, etc.