Hello everyone ! 😊

Thanks for welcoming me into the Forex community! I don’t know anything about this type of trading. I am a retired commercial insurance underwriter from the Midwest. Look forward to learning more.

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Hello and Welcome to Babypips @notworried!!

If you’re a complete newbie to FX trading and ready to learn you’re in the right place. The first thing you should do is go through School of Pipsology in Education section. You’ll learn everything in theory there, from very basic to advanced stuff.

While doing that keep researching read, watch any website, blog, video you find on trading.

Then you can start trading with a demo account and only when you are fully confident you should trade with real money. NEVER before that.

Good Luck & Wish you Success!!

most welcome in this community , its a very knowledgeable forum we have from all in online , have a very good journey , i hope you will enjoy the environment.

hi and welcome.

Will do @Nick1864. Thanks for your guidance!

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Thanks @PeterBorren! I am sure I will learn a lot here!

Thanks @Wara_arif for your warm wishes! Look forward to the experience!

Hello and welcome. The best way to go ahead would be to learn every important detail about Forex and this you can do with the Pipsology School. All the best.