Hello everyone

What can I can say? It’s definitely something of more interest which I have developed over the months that has gone by. The forex education has taken much of my time an focus an I’ve been trying to learn the rudiments and the nitty-gritty of it. Now I’m decided to trade with what I’ve learnt (but not everything though). What I wanna do find a trust-worthy trader/expert so he can show me how to trade or maybe trade for me.
But what I wanna know is this, since I aint from the States, how do I
(1). How do I transfer my money from my Broker to my account here in my country?
(2). How do I open an account with someone who’s gonna trade for me?
(3). How do I know my money is being used for trading?
(4). What do I actually nee to get started on the right track of trading Forex?

Well, I can go on and on asking. I know you will be calling me a NEWBIE!!! Lol. Yea, that what I am to forex but I wanna learn it an know how it works. Please someone explain to me how to go about it…

Michael B
+234 802 746 0192