Hello Everyone

Hi Everyone,

My name is Nelson, I am new to Forex trading however I am keen to learn heaps about how to trade using Fibonacci retracement and extension in Forex trading. I am watching a lot of Forex trading webminars from youtube, hopefully to pick up some skills from there.
Yeah, hope to learn more from Babypips.com.

Hi Nelson, I have been into forex for over 5 yrs. I’m still learning but getting better. I wish you fast success! This is definitely a great site to learn all you need.

Hi Zeb4xDotca,

Nice to meet you, so are you a profesional trader now or heading that direction?
i had opened some trades before however they always went the opposite direction, not sure it was just unlucky or i am just really bad?

Hi Nelson, I am not a pro but would like to be some day. My issue is discipline. I still can’t manage to limit my risk and inevitably the market will turn when I have to go get the kids or some such thing and I end up with greater losses than I wanted. Discipline is key, stick to a strategy, most of them will work if you stick to the plan. And keep it simple. Time and experience are great too!

Hi, welcome aboard!