Hello fellow traders

Hello fellow traders,

I just started my second journey in trading after blowing up my first one in 2021. Now I seem to be careful and trade with discipline. I have grown my account by 23% this year. I note down my equity at the end of trading Friday for each week and do my own analysis. I have made a line graph as to how I am growing my equity each week. Although my account is not large(started off with $6500) I am to increase my equity every week. Learning a lot of things along the way and I am happy to help anyone who is interested also. I would not say I am an experienced trader but I am good at not blowing my account and gradually increasing equity each week. The two things that I learnt to be successful at trading is discipline and patience. Honestly you don’t need any technical analysis, candle sticks, strategies at all just Discipline and Patience. Hope to connect with more traders and learn from their experience.


Welcome @peace4evry1.

Well done for growing your account so well this year. The first rule of trading is to protect your capital.

I know many new traders blow up very quickly ( me included) but there is no excuse for doing that.

Good luck.

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Meaning trading is simpler than we make it, right? I agree that trading can be much simpler.

Congrats on growing your account. What’s the next step for you?

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Welcome to the community and congratulations on learning to preserve capital.
But in-between you’re wrong with this statement as these are the fundamentals of modern daytrading, not needing them means not using them which is quite misleading.

You need them as much as you need discipline and patience.

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I never said trading is simpler. Need patience and discipline in your trades and of course do not trade with emotions.

Yes for day trading those might be needed. I am not into day trading.

That certainly sounds like trading is simpler than we realize, and we’re using techniques unnecessarily. When you uncomplicate something, it’s the same thing as simplifying. Is it not?

Unless, you’re saying that we don’t need strategies at all. The only things a trader needs is discipline and patience?

If you don’t have a strategy, then what do you have discipline with?

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Discipline when to get into a trade and when to exit. For example ,Do not take a trade when impending economic event is about to come up in the next few hours.

So what kind of a trader are you @peace4evry1 ? I’m curious.

I would say a hybrid swing/position trader

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Wow, congrats on your progress! :tada: Your journey is truly inspiring, especially the emphasis on discipline and patience over complex strategies. It’s reassuring to hear that focusing on these core values can lead to growth. Your method of tracking equity weekly is something I’ll consider incorporating into my trading routine. It’s amazing to see someone rebound and grow their account like you have. Looking forward to more insights and shared experiences in this community! :chart_with_upwards_trend::muscle:

Good job with that 23% growth! Looking forward to hearing more about your trading journey. See you around!


Looking forward to learning from your experiences.

So for starters or just new to trading here is what I learnt with some observation…This is just my opinion!!
The whole forex revolves around the USD, for example
If USDJPY is going up naturally EURUSD is going down like wise if USDJPY is going down then EURUSD is going up. Like wise if USDJPY is going down then it usually indicates JPY is stronger and that would affect all the JPY pairs ( 80% in my opinion) like GBPJPY is going down, EURJPY is going down etc. so take positions based on what’s happening with USD and you will succeed!!

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Been a extremely good week!
This is the year screenshot so far…

wow nice. Just joined this website. Inspiring

Welcome to the community! Enjoy your stay here and good luck on your trading journey!

Would love to see some detailed ideas on how you are picking trades, entering, exiting etc so we can gleam off you as what you are doing is obviously working.
Looking forward to hearing back!