Hello folks from alle over the world

hello folks,

My name is sonu
am frome holland.
18 years old

i want to know how to work with forex and one of my friends recommend this.
so hello.!!

(English is not my main language)

Hello Sonu! If you’re new to forex, start with the School of Pipsology. If you have any questions as you go along the lessons, feel free to ask. Good luck and happy learning!

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its a very good and appropriate suggestion for newcomers. pips school really knowledgeable than others and it completely free. by the way, good luck Sonu with warm welcome.

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Warm welcome , happy to help any time

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hello the young sonu, welcome to baby pips. feel free to ask any question . its a mostly friendly forum we have from all. just enjoy everything with great learning.

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Welcome you, you can choose from a range of resources, designed to help you learn.

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yea im doing it right now thx for the tip

thank you very much