Hello. Fresh blood here

Hi, I’m Sarah. I recently started studying about forex. Just out of curiosity, what inspired you to get into forex? :smiley:

Money. :rofl: I’m hoping to do trading on the side then eventually transition to trading fulltime.

I guess that’s the goal for most! :smiley:

Hello, Welcome to this forum.
Stay focused while learning this new trade.

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A 7 bedroom house (with pool, jacuzzi, gym, cinema and helipad)
A green lamborghini, red ferrari and a pink range rover.
My own superclub with all the best DJs in the world on my payroll.
A real hoverboard like back to the future, and now that i think of it… a millenium falcon.
The fame, the respect, the power.

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LOL! I would love some of that! Thank you for the warm welcome.

To earn money from home. :laughing: Good luck on your journey. Hope all goes well for you!

its a very good forum for the traders who are particularly newcomers , i hope you will enjoy your every step in there , good luck and trade well.

generally newcomers try to learn more knowledge and experience within very short time , but there is no way to bring knowledge and profit from this market place.

Money is always the goal. If you read or watch economic news as an intereest, then its fun.

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