Hello friend, I am ayesha

My teacher told me about trading Forex and he suggested that I look here for educational materials.


your teacher has right, welcome in BP community :slight_smile:

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Thank you professor.


Welcome! Be sure that you’re in right place.

Welcome to the community Ayesha!

“Hey there! Your teacher is totally on point - this is the perfect place to learn about Forex trading. And guess what? I’m a newbie too, but I’ve been soaking up all the knowledge from the School of Pipsology. It’s seriously the best resource out there. So don’t worry, we’re in this together and we’ll both be trading like pros in no time!”


I know where you’re coming from, thinking ahead, but it is a long journey to reach pro standard. You could try seeking out tradertom.com who will direct you on the path to success.


Well, that’s totally right. I’ve learned so much since I started talking to people and using the educational materials here.

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I want to do some live Trading with other live Traders so that so that we can discuss our trades.

Can you recommend where I can do this?

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There are pros and cons to this. If you guys aren’t trading the same exact strategy, you’ll lose money in the long-term. Probably in the short-term, also.

If you think it’s going up, and I think price is going down, who’s right? It depends on the TF as well as the strategy. You both could be right, or you both could be wrong.

But perhaps others can help you learn to follow your strategy better, even though you’re trading quite differently.

What do you think?

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Good point! I want to trade live to see if others can help me to refine my strategy.


Awesome! That’s exactly what I’m doing too. I’m like totally soaking up all the knowledge from Pipsology and these amazing guys. They’re seriously the bomb dot com!

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Thanks Amelia. I just want to get my feet wet trying to trade live in public and maybe get some feedback from others.

Hi and welcome! You will enjoy and learn so much from all the free materials here. Good luck on your trading journey.

Hi Ayesha

Welcome, and you’ve certainly come to the right place. Check out the school of pipology for all your basic learnings:

Learn How to Trade the Markets (babypips.com)

Way to go mate! Beside the Pipsology, the community is awesome! Although I’m not an old user here, but these people helped me a lot.

I totally agree!!!

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hello Ayesha , most welcome in this community , this forum is full of education , i hope you will be benefited from there , just focus on. happy learning.

Welcome welcooome! :blush: I think it’s great that your teacher suggested you go here to learn about forex. :blush: If you don’t mind me asking, are they your forex trading mentor or like a teacher at your school? :smiley: