Hello from a South African Student

Eyyyh, Adrian here. Im a 19 year old varsity student,born in Zimbabwe and living in South Africa trying to make a living out of my pathetic self (just kidding {not really}) aaaand forex seems like a good way to start [can eliminate the day job{no work, that is awesome}]

Ive been doing practice trading and i can say i am NOT ready to go straight in. Though i made 10K profits in just a month (demo) i noticed there many things i didn’t take note of. So i joined this hopefully to gain enough knowledge to make my head explode.

I currently trade with Easy Markets or Forex and usually on the MT4 mobile platform. Its easy for me. Im always on the go so its convenient.

I am open to any help of any sort of help and suggestions.

Would be appreciated really because MY GOAL is to raise enough money to drop out of university and go for PILOT TRAINING [We all know varsity is a sham to waste 5 years of a youths time]

Anyway, this is me.

Kind Regards,

Adrian FX NOoB from RSA:47:

this presentation is in a working progress.

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Hello Adrian. If there is anything I noticed in my years of studying, practicing and then going live, is that paper trading doesn’t have the emotions tied to it like a real account does. I believe paper trading is very important but remember when you do go live, start with small size and get use to the emotions of real money. Even winning will bring emotions that can be harmful to your trading.

Hi Adrian_from_RSA

I am also a trader from South Africa.

Get in contact with me , just reply on this.