Hello from a total beginner

Hi there.

My names Steff and I’m a total beginner to forex. A trader friend advised me to get learning forex (he works for Deutche Bank)but advised me to learn as much as i could before starting to trade on my own…so he guided me to this site.
It looks amazing and the reviews are great.
I am actually trading at the moment but I get signals sent to me daily by a company called MGI finance, not bad results, I trade about 4000 units per currency. Been doing it now for about 10 days and the signals are about 50/50 results wise, I’m not convinced if this is a professional outfit or some kid in his bedroom sending them out.
So I’m going to learn as much as I can about forex so that I can build my own strategy and trade for myself, hopefully quite soon.
Any tips would be gladly welcomed

Hello, welcome to the forum!

Hello everyone or anyone lol lol. My name is Muzaffar. I am new to Forex and trying to learn properly from the beginning. Would really appreciate your help in educating myself and becoming prominent member of this community.