Hello from complete newbie!

Hello everyone!
Happy to join fellow learners/ traders here on BP.
Complete newbie here who’s thrilled that I came across BP and the group of people on this site.
Lots of posts resonate with me. Classically trained pianist / conservatory professor who’s trying something way out of his comfort zone.
Have always been fascinated by finance and love to learn !!!. Delving into FX and trading gives me a good perspective of how my students must feel ( overwhelmed :exploding_head:) when coming into my studio.
I’m very impressed with the way BP put content together in an entertaining and understandable way. (I.e. chapter on order flow/ broker/ dealer / LP….) Brilliant imho.
Look forward to meeting and talking to fellow students of the pip academy :blush:



Luck is on your side for stumbling upon BabyPips.

Assuming from your post you’ve been delving into the Forex academy. An incredible resource for the absolute beginner and I myself can vouch for it.

Looking forward to your progress.

Best of luck!

Welcome to the family

Hey there!

Welcome to BP! It’s super cool to have a classically trained pianist among us. Diving into trading from music, that’s quite a leap! Excited to see your journey in FX. Feel free to ask anything, we’re all here to help. Enjoy the ride!


Thanks so much for your kind words of welcome.
Great to know that there’s a go-to community for support and help.
Would love to hear where you personally are in your learning/ trading, and anything else you’d like to share with someone new to all of this.
Cheers! :blush:

Hello and welcome to Babypips!

Best of luck on your trading journey! May your decisions be well-informed, your strategies be successful, and your profits grow steadily

Hello !
Thanks so much for your kind words of welcome.
Nice to know that there’s a community out there for support and help.
Would love to hear more about your experience in Forex and where you personally are re learning trading. (Btw love your username - we trust in pilots when we travel and bc of their rigorous training , and profit Is always a nice reward.
For now I’m just taking in new information through BP, The Trading floor and courses on Udemy.
I like structure and know that consistency and patience are necessary for positive outcomes
Maybe there are similarities between forex and music - like reading a chart and reading a music score - melodies go up and down and sideways and a lot in music deals with pattern recognition as it does in TA. I’m sure Fibonacci is in there somewhere too. Then theirs is an art in all of it as some in this forum have mentioned.
And art takes time and more often than not is hard work and messy before it turns into something beautiful.
Would love to hear your thoughts….


Thanks so much for your kind words of welcome.
Would love to hear how you came to BP and where you are on your trading journey.
Happy Monday, and cheers! :blush:

Its always a pleasure to welcome every new member in to the family.
I have been hear for some time. Went through the school of pipsology, blew a few accounts and started afresh, blew a few more accounts, went through every trading dilemma etc. But most significantly, I am still here. I have seen it all and i dont care anymore.
Overall, I am not losing money, but not making money either. Guess how it feels to be on the other side of the prevailing statistics

I Just recently graduated from the School of Pipsology.

I plan on starting to demo and throw strategies at the market to collect data to give me a basis for future demo accounts and eventually live trading.

I only began this journey a little over three months ago so I myself am pretty fresh to all this, but I’m learning every day. It has been very rewarding.

heeey welcome to the FAM

it’s very nice to have a pianist here , i am EDM home producer , we are going to learn alot about piano from you

have fun in your trading journey , we all share our experiences and will to help eachother

i think the best way to define market to you is :

trading is the combination of white keys (profits) and black keys (losses)
together they create a full song with emotion and vibe
so dont worry about black keys , they are needed for perfection of track
just use music theory (money/risk management) and play play play

have fun

Thanks so much for your kind words of welcome.
:pray:t3:. Had quite a few piano students who branched out to writing/ composing music on their computers.
Soooooo amazing what they came up with!
I’m very old school… learn your basics practice (play) and enjoy every minute step forward.
Very similar to trading.
Love the way you described the market in terms of lack and white keys. :musical_keyboard: very cool and creative!
Have to think about viewing black keys as losses bc I love my black keys😊 charts do read a little bit like music score : up down sideways a kinds of patterns….let the fun begin.
Love BP and the way topics are presented . Have to remind myself to slow down to absorb content more thoroughly.
How long have you been an EDM producer?
Where are you on your trading journey?
Have a lovely day. Cheers :notes:

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old is gold :beers:

this is great idea

like 15 years just as a hobby

well this process is like a sine waveform
first (-) then (0) then (+)
i am at the small profit side but still have a long road ahead to go

another explanation about relation between music and trade :

it took me along time to understand the music production , since at first i denied MUSIC THEORY and was lazy about learning it , i said i can do this on my own , i will follow my own rules , i will create my own style of music theory , i wont follow old rules , what comes good to ear is good music…
and it took me about 12 years to accept that i MUST follow music theory rules , it was just a big waste of time , then i understood that after learning music theory everything is easy and possible

and in trading at first i denied money/risk management rules , i thought i am going to make magic , i will find my own unique way of trading and after many many losses i accepted them , i become friend with stoploss , i didnt risk more than 3% of my money in each position and so on…

so my advise to you first understand the market and order flow , learn money/risk management rules not to waste money and time like me

any help/question you have we will be happy to reply and help

have fun :beers: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Loving your enthusiasm for trading and the music analogy! :musical_note::chart_with_upwards_trend: As a newbie who started trading about nine months ago, I’m still learning every day. I’ve been focusing on EURUSD and gold - they’re quite the thrill! You’re right about the need for structure and patience. Trading is an art, much like music. It’s all about recognizing patterns and riding the ups and downs. And yes, Fibonacci is definitely in the mix!
Also, thanks for the compliment on my username! I really appreciate it. Like pilots, I believe in being well-prepared and skilled in trading – plus, aiming for that sweet profit!
Happy to chat more and share experiences. Here’s to making our trading journey as beautiful as a piece of art! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Welcome and thanks for sharing something about your background, Professor! Stay motivated and be patient as you go through this journey. Good luck and see you around!