Hello from Ireland

Hi everyone, I’m Lyndsey, from Ireland. I’m brand new to Forex and eager to learn everything I can. Trading is very different to anything I’ve done in the past, I qualified and worked as a lawyer with a stint in banking, but now I’m looking to build a stream of income that allows me to travel and have a healthier work/life balance .


Hi :slight_smile: check education section here and good luck. Regards Greg

Hi lyndsey, wow banking, I always thought you guys earn a lot of money?

That’s the part that can cause difficulty - the learning curve is measured in years.

I just chose oanda at random - they state on their advert:
73.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money

Likely a sizable remainder do not actually make money.

Mike’s journal over on the journal section will give you an idea of the amount of effort and dedication and the time span needed.

In my area the money was great, but the risk and stress was high. On the plus side I’m used to staying cool in a high pressure environment. I’m intrigued by everyone’s journey into trading, seems like we come from a variety of backgrounds.

Thanks Greg, working my way through everything.

I’m lucky enough to have some passive income, so I’m under no time pressure to get it down. Over the next few years I’d like to relocate to France or Spain and I see trading as being a part of this, provided I can make it profitable.

Yeah well the risk and stress in trading is probably far higher. So be careful. Atleast with your job you go through it and get paid at the end of the month. In trading, you’re not guaranteed to make anything and you may even lose money. It may be more worthwhile to work hard, save more and invest it in something more stable. Or build on your passive income because there is nothing passive about trading. Have a good think before you quit your job for trading

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My area of banking was on the less mainstream side, so it was always eat what you kill. It’s years since I’ve had an actual job paying a set wage at the end of month, so no change there :slight_smile:

Hi Lyndsey! Brought your bag of lucky charms?

I’ve got plenty of charm, but I’ve always believed in making my own luck…

Nice to meet you and welcome to the community, Lyndsey. Good luck and I hope you’ll achieve your goals.