Hello from New York

Due to my Forex ignorance and love of forums, I’ll probably start to become more active in the forums, so I figured I’d introduce myself.

Back in the day I used to play online poker and eventually quit my job shortly after graduating college to make a run at being an official poker professional. I was on track to make about what I would get with a real job in my field, but the US government decided to pull the plug on online poker about a month after I quit my job.

I’ve been working a real job in my field (engineering) since then, but greatly miss poker. Forex seemed more appealing than going back to poker because I could do it in the comfort of my own home (live poker is my only option now :frowning:) and there are more long term career options if I make it that far and decide to pursue those options.

To start out, I’d like to learn and become semi-profitable. Long term goal is to have my Forex career follow the path of my poker career (minus the sudden death at the end). There’s so much to learn and I’m excited to start my journey and see how I can use the skills I developed playing poker in this new environment.

Hello, welcome to the Babypips forum!

Hi @jmiles, welcome to babypips. I’m not sure how being a professional poker player works. Not to sound too naive but is it something that can be studied like fx? How far have you gone in your fx journey? Are you trading already? Sorry for the barrage of questions. :slight_smile:

@CoinLady, thanks for the reply! There’s a lot to study in online poker…probability, psychology, hand selection, emotional control, bet sizing, multiple statistics for your opponents. I’m sure fx has a lot more to learn, but I think I bring some skills with me from poker (understanding we’re just playing an edge, emotional control, bankroll management). I’ve recently finished the school of pipsology and am currently trying to understand how to perform technical analysis with MT4. I plan on trading in a demo account until I get used to things/show I can make a profit. Thanks again for the reply…I appreciate the questions!