Hello from Norway!

My name is Mike, I’m 26 years old Latvian, living in Norway!
My core passion is health and fitness, and all related to human wellbeing!
Actually I don’t remember when was the first time when I came across idea of Forex trading, but it could be a year and a half ago! From early ages I was disgusted of idea, that for the rest of the life I would be forced to work 9-5 job, with few weeks off every year, so for last five years all I did was research of passive income, entrepreneurship and so on. Right now I have read few books about Forex and Stock trading, watched truckload of Youtube videos. I have my demo account for a year, but been actively trading only past two months, and slowly profited from 50K to 55K in two months!
Actually really happy I found this website, as it contains information like no other place! So I’m going through Schools of Pipsology, and really hoping by the end of the year, or beginning of next year start earning some real money!
So, yeah, cheers from Norway!


Hi Mike…
I am chris from Norway too, living in Trondheim. Nice to hear about your “training” going so well. Normally people rush into trading and cant wait to get rich…
Seem like you have a good plan, and just be aware the difference between demo and real account… you are “lucky” to trade under EU regulations, after last years new leverage demand and regulation, the forex trading for non professionals has improved.
I have been “training” trading for 10 years now, learning the hard way, last year was my first year with profit and now I trade with confidence and high winning ratio. would be great if you lived in mid norway. so little people around here in norway whom are active trading.

Helloooo @mikusedge! :smiley: I’ve always always wanted to visit Norway, seems like a suuuper beautiful country! :blush: Haha. Anyway, welcome to the community. :blush: I wish you all the best in your trading journey!

Welcome to the community, Mike! The School of Pipsiology is the best place for a new trader. Don’t forget to start on a demo account before going live, Good luck!

Welcome to bp @mikusedge! Congrats on your gains! Are you using a system for your demo trading? :blush:

Hi there mate, welcome to the forums and good luck in the learning and trading bro

So, It’s been almost a year since my first and last post in forum. And I was thinking of small update on my journey, mostly for someone who is just starting, to get MY perspective of starting forex journey.
Things didn’t quite go as planned, due to difficulties at my day job past year, so I wasn’t full in into forex as I wanted, but never went day by without at least some bit of a new knowledge. By the end of the last year I decided to cut down my day job from 5 days a week to 4 days a week, so that gives me an extra full day on forex, and no more overtime. It helped a LOT. Yes, I loose a bit financially, but I look at that as investment in future. I’m fortunate to have a job that don’t require my full attention, so audiobooks about finances, forex, stock market helps a lot.
About trading itself. It’s been a rollercoaster. I have both real and demo account, let’s start with demo account. I started over a lot of times, trying everything, loosing, gaining, scalping, swing trading, you name it. So currently I’m doing by far most accurate demo account, meaning - it’s in size what I will start my real account, using strategies and rules I find working for me, so if in six month period I will be profitable, I will start with real account. Meanwhile I will be trading some small amounts with real account, lets say 100 € -200 € just to get my emotions in check.
About real account, this one is fun. I’ve always had around 40€ in account to play around, so long story short - I made 462€ in two weeks, felt invincible, like I got it, like I found the secret. Then two days later I lost it all, down to 12€. But I’m SO grateful that this happened, because I had the opportunity to feel full spectrum of what market has to offer. Greed, fear and great amount of stress. That was the day I finally started my meditation practice, that I wanted to do for so long, heh. Also it was great opportunity to check all the details that led me to great profit and even greater loss. Greed made me blind and ignorant, and in fear of loosing I made trades based on emotions, and as you all know, there is no place for emotions in this game.
Anyway, my demo is looking good, I’m two weeks into my six month test. Let’s see how it goes. I might start a journal here on BP, maybe someone could be interested in my journey. Also it would hold me accountable to myself.
Anyway, have a good one to all.:slightly_smiling_face: