Hello from South Africa

Hi all,

Rich990 here from Johannesburg in South Africa.

Been intrigued with trading for a while but don’t really want to jump in without knowing the technical side of it.

My background is in finance and I work in banking - so hopefully I should be able to learn quickly!

If there’s anyone else on here from South Africa I’d be keen to hear what platforms you use and if there are any issues with exchange control?



Hey, im from SA.

Been trading 4 months now, I use think markets, however I am considering using another broker, I have FXCM in mind for now but I will see later, think markets withdrawal process has been fine so far so I dont have any reason to leave them as yet other then moving to a bigger more know broker I guess. Also my withdrawals have been small so I dont even declare that to SARS :slight_smile: for now at least.


hello i am from south africa, i am very new in this business of trading, i am looking forward to learning a lot from the babypips community. after buying a material on basics of trading forex from one of the local people, i have seen ups and downs, no clear directions on where exactly i am heading. So i would appreciate assistance on analyzing the charts.

I thank you.

Hey I’m from south Africa I’m uh 16 and I’m new here and yea I’d love to be assisted by all willing despite th app helping me I guess I’ll also need someone to help