Hello from St louis

Brand new to the game. I have a friend who has day traded options for a long time and he recommended that I look into the forex world as it is more flexible schedule wise. I have started reading the currency trading for dummies book and found your forum when searching the typical " can I really make money doing this" threads. I saw on there the forex school and figured why not! So here I am.

I’ve been fairly active in several of the motorcycle service/enthusiast forums and hope to be able to learn and eventually contribute myself around here.

I figure if I learned how to completely restore/work on motorcycle from folks online I should be able to pick this up from lurking around here.

Any tips or recommendations to someone who literally had to google what a pip was to understand your site name is greatly appreciated.


Greetings Ryan! Welcome to the community and thanks for sharing your story. The best thing to do with any new endeavor is just to jump in, right? By that I mean go through the School, open up a demo, and get your trade journal started. There is a big learning curve since a lot of the skill development has to come from experience and practice–just like riding a bike right? Just stay focused on being consistent with your trade journal and improving/learning every day. Good luck bud!