Hello good at forex post my tips here

Hello Im Very good at forex I will post my tips here

Eur usd sell
Eur jpy sell

I go along with the EUR/USD sell verdict, nothing is stronger than the dollar right now.

I’m holding off doing anything on the EUR/JPY as I’m seeing conflicting possibilities. But, yes, bearish moves from here are more likely.

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Well I hope yas all caught that 100 pip spike down on both Eur jpy and Eur usd if not
Here are take profit zones

Eur jpy take profit 136.699 + 220 pips potential
Eur usd take profit 0.94376 + 234 pips potential

Was a good day of pips Eur jpy struggled but Eur usd came down 61 pips and still a long way to go
Today we enter Eur Nzd buy

EUR nzd buy hit sl so still holding Eur usd sell from yesterday and entered three other trades Nzd jpy buy Aud usd buy Aud jpy buy

Closed profit on Eur usd sell

NZD jjpy Aud usd Aud jpy buys in profit good to see hold those 3

Drowning in pips! Hope everyone got on those three

Good time to buy more Aud usd Aud jpy Nzd jpy

Could you give us specific entry and exit points for every trade so that we drown together? Also we need stop loss if you do use it.


Oh sorry I didn’t post take profit

I’m in tezos usd sell today

Take profit 1.4095

Sell tezos usd take profit 1.4095 Sl 1.4612

There is nothing in major paforex irs today all the money is in crypto tezos usd sell

Xtz usd sell take profit 1.4095

I enter 7am Australia time

1.4095 is 15 pips away

1.4095 20 pips away :+1:

Cad jpy buy tp 105.875 sl 105.207

34 pips away

Moved cad jpy buy take profit to an impressive 106.839 140 pips to be had I recon