Hello good at forex post my tips here

1.4095 20 pips away :+1:

Cad jpy buy tp 105.875 sl 105.207

34 pips away

Moved cad jpy buy take profit to an impressive 106.839 140 pips to be had I recon

Eur cad buy take profit 1.37246 sl 1.33080

Usd jpy looks like a sell Monday

Bitcoin sell take profit 19113.73

Bitcoin falling nicey nothing wrong with a weekend trade winner :moneybag: on second analysis forget about usd jpy we are gonna buy used cad Monday morning

bitcoin hit take profit made 2955 pips !

today buy usd cad take profit 1.38628

sell gbp usd take profit 1.10778
sell gbp jpy take profit 160.382

usd cad hit sl but gbp usd sell gbp jpy sell are coming down nicely

Good profits to take on Gbp usd and Gbp jpy sells yesterday before reversal

Today we sell usd jpy

Usd jpy has turned into a buy close sell and buy

Usd jpy hit sl today I bought usd cad

Usd cad going up nicey s over 100 pips to go take profit 1.37204

Usd cad buy still going strong from yesterday :moneybag:

Usd cad buy hit take profit 190 pips !! What a win

Sell usd chf take profit 0.97334

Sell both usd chf and usd jpy they’re both falling sell them

Buy gbp usd , gbp chf and Gbp jpy