Hello good at forex post my tips here

Close usd cad buy -3 pips

And buy Aud usd

Aud usd buy tp 0.69300

Aud usd take profit hit +30 pips
On a roll now

Eur cad buy

EUR cad buy tp 1.45786

Nzd jpy buy tp 82.479

Nzd jpy take profit hit + 82 pips !

CRypto trade eth usd etherem buy

Eur chf buy

Buy eur chf again here the bears are struggling
Take profit

EUR chf buy
Eur Gbp buy

Buy Aud jpy

Gbp Nzd sell

Nzd Cad buy

Aud cad sell

Take profit Aud cad + 100 pips

Buy Gbp jpy
Buy dash coin
Sell platinum

Get rid of dashcoin
Hold Gbp jpy buy
Platinum sell

Continue to hold Gbp jpy buy
And today buy chf jpy

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Cad jpy buy stop 93.744 tp 100 pips