Hello guys , can someone help me ,pls!

hello guys,
i need some help to clear up how its work, i m etoro customer and i start trade with XPR , I invested $350 bought 393.70 units -0,8890 , when i close the position i sold it it was 0,9659 and in the end I` m -$30.28 ,could somebody explain this situation , pls
Thank you !

OH… You’re an E-Toro Customer, are you

I’m guessing you have not googled or Searched E Toro in the search bar


i would not be concerned right now with how this works
if i were you , i’d take all my money out NOW… YES… NOW
and hope to god you get it back

the possible explanation to your situation is that this broker is not an honest broker

Take your money out NOW

if you started with 350 and you are only $30 down
take the remaining money out
THEN Complain to them for a refund of the $30

it’s likely you will not get it back, but hey mate
people have lost thousands, you are only losing $30
Small price to pay

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Thank you , Martin_K,

my question is for the principle not just for the money ,here is the place to help each other with friendly advices!

that’s right and i did help you
i told you what to do and explained to you MOST LIKELY what is happening and why it’s happening.
do you need help with something else or did you not understanding something.

by the way did you get your money out yet ?

Hi , i didnt take my money because when I try to fill the form to withdrawal my money , but the platform doent accept it ,appear just half of the form and it doesn`t move up or down to fill it in full ,any idea ,pls!?

Thank you, Martin_K

if there is a technical problem with their online form speak to their technical support team and raise a support ticket.

Thank you Martin_K , will try to contact them , wish you all the best !

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