Hello guys, I am screening a few pro managers


I am screening a few pro managers. My rules for selecting the best signals are:

  • Forex only
  • Intraday only
  • Not more than 3 trades open on the same pair at a time
  • Averagely Positive Risk-Reward in pips
  • Ability to recover (Recover Factor)
  • Diversification

I will post you update as soon as I find good candidates. Or maybe one candidate.


it is my opinion that you are making unnecessary restrictions for a trader.

following are the only requirements that should be placed upon a trader:

  • Forex only
  • max drawdown x%

Only requisite should be profit, otherwise you’re cocooning all your candidates i to a trading system which is commonly accepted and generic but looses money for most people.

But I don’t actually know why I’m replying to a thread that’s over 2 years old!!:joy: