Hello. I am new here

hello. I am new here. I’ve been reading for about a week now and I am just curious if you have a certification after all of the lessons completed? hehe. I would really appreciate a helpful response :slight_smile:

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Don’t you think that just completing all the levels in this school is better than any certificate you could get! The fact that all the material is available any time you need it is invaluable in my opinion! Welcome to our community, hope you make it enjoyable!

Welcome Samantha…


No certificate mate. But your knowledge will greatly improve.

welcome samanta , its one of my friends name , i always call her saam, by the way its a very short time that you have been trading from , try to develop skill every day and never skip the learning issue at all.

Hellooooo Samantha! :blush: Hmm. :thinking: I didn’t get a certificate and I don’t think they give those out. :thinking: But I guess it’s fine since everything’s free. :sweat_smile: I think paid courses are the ones that give out certifications. :smiley: What do you intend to use it for? :smiley:

Hi Samantha! I agree with everyone. I hope you’ll continue learning through the School even if they don’t give any certifications.

Hie, Smanntha! I agree with the others. These lessons are useful for beginners

You don’t need any certification to become a forex trader. Just go to the Education part of this website and start learning from the courses available there.