Hello i Am Uno i am here to make some friends

I am a beginner and seeking out like minded people to be friends with here i am from Jamaica been reading about Forex for some years now but never serious about it but now i will become a trader i must i will
i would love to meet some friends here thank you


Hi Uno welcome! Good luck with your trading : )

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hey scotty thank you man

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most welcome , hope , your trading journey will awesome with this community. good luck

become a trader is very simple issue but survive in here always difficult ,most of the traders above all the beginners are loser from here , so keep patience and always try to learn

Hello Uno! Welcome to the BabyPips.com community! Hope to hear more about your forex journey as you get serious with it. Good luuuuuck!

Thanks to everyone i will doc my journey i will be in the top 10%

very good , keep ready and kick off your journey. good luck

Thank you hadden I will I am learning a lot here

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Hi Uno and nice to meet you! Honestly I never met anyone from Jamaica. That great that you’ve decided to become a trader. Now you can experience everything on practice and make some good money. What brought you into this sphere? Also is trading popular on Jamaica?

Welcome to babypips. Happy learning and forex trading!

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Thanks much Vineeta

keep learning and be consistence on your practice , learning can be useless without having a regular practice.

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I practice everyday Ahsanmalik right as we speak i am watching the USD/JPY :slight_smile: in order to master this practice is the key thank you for your encouragement thanks much

appreciate for your practice session , really sounds nice. don’t stop practicing. Forex trading like a bicycle riding, it cant be stop for a while , for that reason no way to stop practicing at all.

Hi Uno.

This is Kochi from Bangladesh. I hope you will have the most comfortable stay here. I am new but already feel the comfort of this place.

Good to know you.

Hi Uno I’m new here myself :slight_smile: Hope to see you about on the forum :slight_smile:

Hey Doubar well what brought me here was i wanted to learn and meet people who were beginners and moving in the same direction thats why i joined. Its not that popular here lol but its growing now day by day

AhsanMalik these are true words my friend and we need to learn everything about the forex markets i believe that is the key

Hey ForexBeard Definitely man and we can share ideas and stuff man

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