Hello I am Vishnu from Singapore

Hello ,
Its nice to be on a free community. I am pretty new to trading/forex trading hope to learn a lot from this forum and also excited to make new FX friends.


Hello and welcome Vishnu. If you want to learn forex you can visit the educational section of babypips. You can also trade on a demo account to learn and improve your trading skills without any risks.

Welcome Vishnu to the community.

My forex trading career has been full of ups and downs. But I am glad that I chose it for me. It has given me the chance to make money my own way. I am no more dependent on anyone and can make my own decisions. In some times, I will hopefully make it my sole source of income and live the life I always wanted to.

Hello. Welcome to this forex learning platform. You can browse some courses at the School of Pipsology. Good luck.

Yes, that’s true. Babypips is undoubtedly one of the best forums where you can learn to trade forex like a pro. You just have to learn properly so that you can ask the right questions from expert traders. You can post your queries here and get them answered by experts on the basis of their experience.