Hello I have a curiosity if someone could answer it`s about earnings in FOREX


I`m curious about something how much do traders like Andrew Mitchem, Chris Kapre, Marc Walton,
Pierre Du Plessis.

Make per year just from FOREX? Ive found a guy that has 2 Lambos on the internet who, I wont say his name makes 1 million $ a year.

How much do you think those other guys make? Is it possible to be a day trader and make 30-100 Million $ a year just by yourself? What`s the upper limit that one can hope to achieve?

Yes, I know if Im lucky, Ill make 1 million per year. But thats not what Im asking.

How much do these top FOREX traders that have courses make?
Thank you

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I would be surprised that many, if any traders make over $30m a year. I think you’ld be lucky to even make $1m a year.

I think if you have a healthy account balance of $100,000 if you’re good at trading you could maybe make as much as $50,000 in a year.


Hello I get that you can make 50% of your money. But these traders with how many millions they trade to make 50% a year? do they trade with 1 million, 10 million, 100 million?

I think these people you talk about are a myth.


I don’t think so. It is so rare. It’s like super unlikely to rake in $100 million a year just from day trading, even if you’re loaded with cash.

i think the non-mythical ones are vendors, not traders

that’s why you see them online, with or without their Lamborghini - it’s called marketing

(the Lambo is usually either hired for the day, to make the video or pose for photos, or if they do ever own it, they bought it from selling subscription services or whatever, not from trading forex)


Their incomes can vary based on their strategies and market conditions. Claims of making millions solely from Forex should be taken with a pinch of salt.


One thing that people forget is that no matter how much time and effort you put into it you can only get what the market gives you. If the largest currency move is 0.0001% on any given day then that will be all you can make (taking leverage into account will raise that a bit). So you could have huge leverage, lots of money and a foolproof strategy and still only make a small amount because the markets decided to do nothing that day.

Actually, it’s sometimes all about hype but in reality, it is not true. I am also surprised to see their profit ratio. But if any trader actually does so, that mean’s he has large capital and good trading strategy. Being consistent with that much earning per month is unimaginable.

I know this one guy who makes 1 million $ a year. But I`m curious how much does Andrew Mitchem, for example, makes in one year. Do you know a top well-known trader or Chris Kapre? How much does he make?

Does any of you guys and girls know an estimate? I understood that they don`t make 100 million by themselves, but what about 30 million or 10 million do they make that much?
Thank you

This is a very toxic industry…

99% of YouTube and Instagram traders are just Charlatans that make their money selling courses. Not even one of this “traders” Will show you proof of their trading sucess.

They Will show you trade examples from the past. They Will show you live trades using a very high risk for a small profit, so that most of the trades they take Will hit profit, but they won’t give any importance to those few trades that wipe of their last 20 trades profits.

Any real profitable trader Will not waste his time teaching stuff to other people…

My advice, find a local mentor in your area, or spend time in front of charts and learn by yourself.