Hello,I'd like to introduce myself and need some advice

Hello :slight_smile:
I’m a new member on this board and also new into the Forex business.
My name is Richard,34 years old from The Netherlands.
At the moment I try to make a little money by taking some risks to invest in HYIPs.
My target is to earn some money with HYIPs and later on starting with Forex.
It seems that the Forex market is more profitable,am I right?
Before I just do something, I need some advice from you as experienced people.
I see many forums,articles,etc about Forex.
To be honest,I don’t know anything about Forex.
Please can you tell me where I can learn the basics?
I’m sure that I’m not the first one who is asking this,but I hope you can and will help me with this :smiley:
I really appreciate your advice and help.
As I told you,be carefull with me,I’m brand new in the Forex business :wink:

I’m looking forward to your replies.

Thanks in advance.


Hello m8,

Press the “school” tab above and study everything there!

Good luck!

Thanks for your reply:D
I will have a look.

go to the babypips school in this site and u will learn all there is to learn about fx. nothing anybody will say here that will be better.
goodluck with the HYIPs, i lost all my money in that s**t :frowning:

but if it works 4 u, good luck.
but don’t think forex is like the HYIPs, here its a different ball game.

I already started to read from the babypips school,very interesting :smiley:
I know that the HYIP business can be very dangerous,but I only have a few bucks at the moment,in this way I can try to make a little bit more(or loose everything:( ).
I’m also sure that there is a big difference between HYIP and Forex.
At the moment i will start to read and learn.
I only have one question,is it possible to start with a few bucks in the Forex business?

I only have one question,is it possible to start with a few bucks in the Forex business?

Yep, you would be better off putting $200 in a live
account now than the same amount in a HYIP.

HYIP gives you hope for a while that you will receive
an income, but those hopes will soon be dashed against
the rocks.

Get a demo account now & start to learn Forex, in
a few months time, dependant upon your learning curve
you could be earning a dam sight more than from 'ponzie’

Yes, it is possible, but it depends a lot on how you want to trade.

If you don’t have much money and want to get your feet wet trading very small amounts (micro lots), then try Oanda. They have no minimum balance requirements.

Please be sure to only do this AFTER you have gone through the free Babypips school and understand the basics of Forex.

Thanks for this great information In2Blues :slight_smile:
I already checked the site of Oanda,looks very good.
But first i need to read and learn a lot about the Forex market,the information is huge,so a lot to learn :wink:

There definitely is a lot to learn. That’s where the free Babypips school comes in. It’s a great place to start.

School of Pipsology - - Beginner’s Guide to Forex Trading, Free Forex Education, Learn to Trade Forex, Forex Training - BabyPips.com

Being new to the forex, you would soon be faced with the ultimate choice of broker. Choosing the right broker could really be as hard teaching an Imam how to recite the rosary. But the basic things that you should know of your broker are: his spreads and commissions-how tight they are, leverages (which could be high but safe; take time to review these leverages), withdrawal process, etc. These if positive show how green the lights are for you to proceed. But please don’t forget to check the reliability of your broker as we know even regulated broker still scam their clients. Just be very careful.

its important to study well about forex because without study you can’t success.you must understand every term of forex like pips,Pipettes,lot/volume,timeframe,pair of currency,leverage,stop loss,take profit etc.then you have to analysis market,making plan,reading news.its important

without study and analysis you can’t success or make profit in forex. about 95% newbie trader can’t success for lack of trading strategy and analysis. i am agree with @Noah McKenzie

You know what… “A little knowledge is a dangerous things” And about forex, It is really very hard things to deserve! So, here can be shined only the known person. There is no value about emotion! You have to learn first and then get the useful things from there and win the trade!!