Hello, I'm a new member!

Hello everyone!

I’m from Japan and hoping to get to know everyone more!

My username is called AkiyamaShinichi because he is a character I idolize from the series “Liar Game”! You can call me Kyoyita.

I’m not new to trading but am pretty new to social media/forums!


Welcome, Kyoyita!

That’s a cool profile pic and username. What are the qualities of Akiyama Shinichi that make you idolize him?

My name is Paul. I’m from California. My profile pic is a statue of Hermes who is my favorite Greek god.

I’ve been on the babypips forums for over two years. I’m still learning how to trade. I haven’t even started a demo account.

I hope you have fun here!


You’re right about that.

I’m not serious about trading. I’ve been learning a little at a time each day for fun.

I’ll start trading when I have money to trade. Right now, I’m broke, unemployed, and live with my mom.

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In the series, Akiyama Shinichi was a calm and intelligent man, traits critical to be a successful trader. That’s why I idolize him. Thanks for your welcome!


I decided not to open a demo account because I’m working on being a mechanical trader.

I don’t think I can get good results with my trading bots in a demo account because it doesn’t work the same as a live one. It seems like it would be a waste of time to use trading bots in demo.

Thanks for the recommendations.

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if your bot will not work on demo, on live account either + you will lose funds


If you are not willing to demo trade your strategy, how on earth are you going to test if your strategy is really profitable? I mean the last time I checked, market movements were the same on both demo and live accounts. Basically those accounts are opened on the same market.


Welcome friend, would love to hear about your style and journey so far :).

Welcome Akiyama! How long have you been trading? Looking forward to hearing more about your trading adventures!

You’re welcome Akimah! Yeah short for “Akiyama” lol

Good to have you here! I love Albert Eistein really much for my desire on relativism.

Hi all.
I’m also new to your forum.
Glad to join your community.

I want to test my trading bots in a live environment to see if it will really work because things like slippage, latency, and execution speed that happens in a live account can differ significantly from what happens in a demo account.

I haven’t opened a live account. It might take a few years before I do open one. I just started to learn how to code for trading. It also depends a lot on how soon I can get a job and earn a steady income to have the risk capital I can afford to lose.

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Hello and welcome too!

Welcome , I hope you are going to embark on a fruitful journey here, best wishes.

Thank you for your well wishes!

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Ok. I understand. I wish you all the best on your journey. And I am sure that I am not the only nosy one here, who would like to hear about your journey once you start out with the live testing :smiley: :smiley: So please give us the update if you don’t mind

Thanks. I’ll update the forums as soon as I can.

(You waiting for me to start trading live.) :sweat_smile:

It is an absolute pleasure, I hope you do succeed in trading and live it up!!

Kon’nichiwa! Hajimemashite, Kyoyita! Doko ni Nihonnode sunde imasu ka? Watashi wa Missouri sunde imasu. Nihon no ga sukoshi wakarimasu demo madamadadesu.

I’m still very new in speaking Japanese, but I’m very diligent about studying every day. I hope to be able to speak near fluently by the end of this year.

Welcome to Babypips!

Hey Kyoyita, welcome to the forum!
It’s always great to see new faces around, especially from Japan! Love the username choice!
Looking forward to hearing your insights on trading. Don’t hesitate to jump into discussions or ask questions. Everyone here is super helpful. See you around the forum! :star2: