Hello, i'm a newbie here

Hello community. My name is Adriano, i’m from portugal and i want to learn everything that i can of forex and trading markets.

I am an International Dj and Producer and in this time with the covid 19 pandemic my work slow down a lot soo i searched another business to make extra money. i have read some stuff from forex a few years ago and i always liked the market but i never had the time to invest in this business.

Now i have it soo i want to learn everything and hopefully become a successful trader.

Best Regards to all the Members
Adriano Rafael

Hi Adriano, whenever you have any doubt you can always put it up here and all the people here will be happy to help you.

It is nice to hear that you are so interested in trading forex. This is a good forum where you can learn a lot about trading. You will also be able to gather information which comes from forex experts and is not fraudulent.

For a newbie, this is a very good platform to begin their learning process. You can take some courses as well as learn from various professional traders. Good luck.