Hello im davood

Hello everyone.this is my first time im here and im 4years in forex.i tried every way ,but not woeking for me.any indicators,anything like price action,harmunic .ichi,smart money.and etc.i hope i learnd new lessons here and help me to win this way.

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Wow! You’ve some experience already! That’s great. I suggest you complete Pipsology, the free course.


It seems to me that you are trying every strategy under the sun, but when it goes wrong you switch to another in the hope that would be better, instead of finding out what it was that went wrong?

I say this because I have a very sound Ichimoku strategy that I follow for every FX currency trade. However, the current market conditions make it only suitable for trending trades. And that means only very few trades a week have a positive probability of success.

Hope that helps, and best of luck.

Welcome to the community, @Davood.sarvesahi. Maybe you need a refresher of foundational knowledge for trading. You might want to go over the education section here. Good luck on your fx trading journey.