Hello, I'm new here and looking to learn more about forex

I have learned a lot already, but I’m still not profitable.

I’m looking to supplement my income for now, and decided on forex because of the avaiability, since it’s open before and after work.

Until you detach your mindset (ZEN) from making money, you won’t succeed. Aim to develop a profitable strategy and process that you stick too for every trade and let rewards, if any, take care of themselves.

Once you reach that stage, accept emotional challenges as being non-responsive (ZEN) as you only have control over your risk exposure, but none over what the market throws at you,

Are people good traders? Yes, and No.

Yes, if they have more winning trades than losing trades, and No if they run their losses longer and add to their losing positions. Don’t let the market prove you wrong.

Hope that helps and best of luck…