Hello im new here name is ensar

hello im ensar, I wanna learn trading and make some extra money if I can

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So you have a plan in place? The FX market sure ain’t going to help you.

why is that?

The FX market is a speculative high risk profit AND LOSS negative sum venture. The only control you have is your risk exposure.

For every trade you make, there is another trader on the planet who is in opposition to you, and there is only one winner and one loser. Which means, as a newbie the odds are against you until you learn how not to lose money.

Your plan should be to open a demo account to practice and experiment on to develop a profitable strategy and also a rigorous process for every trade you make.

And sure as eggs are eggs the market is not going to help you as you have no control over what it throws at you. That’s the reality, not social media marketing hype which is mainly fantasyland.

So start learning to become successful. Best of luck.

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Welcome to the community, Esnar. Remember that learning comes before earning. Get busy acquainting yourself with the foundational knowledge needed for trading. Then start with a demo account so that you don’t lose any money while you’re still learning.

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Welcome, remember to be patient and learn everything you can before you actually start to trade with your money.
Good luck