Hello! I'm new here!

Iā€™m new to forex and I plan to learn more about it! I do not plan on making this a full-time job for me but rather something I can do to supplement my income. Looking forward to all the knowledge and possibly meeting some cool new people! :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome and good luck.

Ask anything you would like to know.

To not look for quick money.

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Welcome for joining this online community and Good luck for your Forex journey.

Never forget golden for successful trading is Keep patience and work hard. Get amazing profit with the help of strong knowledge and practice!!!

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its a most perfect place for newcomers. its a good sounds that you willing to learn Forex before earning. keep this mentality for all time. by the way, welcome to this forum.

Welcome , markets a great place to be a hobby that earns or a job. If running beside a job I suggest end of day trading

as a newcomer if you try to take this place as a part of income course , i think its not a good decision, this approach can m make you greedy and emotional.

yes agree, when new Forex trader focus on income, they lost temper and become greedy. true fact

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