Hello, introducing myself

Hi guys, I am Jerry and I’m here to grow from a baby trader to a pro and efficient trader!

Welcome jk

Start here. study patiently, open a demo and take your time.


Hi Jerry and welcome. :sunglasses:

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Hi Jerry, welcome…

Welcome you. You can choose from a range of resources, designed to help you learn. Build your trading skills with free online courses. Hope this is helpful for you.

yes , agree. lots of online free course right now available in there above all baby pips school. just go through minimum 2 times including regular practice.

Thank you!.. I’ll do just that

welcome to this community, we all are most friendly here. so feel free to ask any question you need to know.

welcome to Baby pips forum. its a best place for traders especially the beginners. so enjoy here. good luck

Hello Jerry! Welcome to Babypips! You’ll learn a lot in this community because of the friendly and helpful members here. Good luck and see you around!