Hello, it’s Mensah. No I’m not Ghanian, I’m Nigerian

Got into the forex world around two months ago and honestly I find it quite an interesting sphere. 10th grade, school of pipsology, lol. Day trader of price action basically with a little of moving averages and rsi here and there. Still a break even trader figuring my way around the h1 timeframe. Advices will help.:grinning:

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welcome to this community , as a newcomer it is more appropriate to kick off a demo account including pips school. its a perfect combination.


welcome to this forum , stay your enjoy and feel free to ask any kind of question you need to know

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You need to burn a few account, especially the live ones. Being a BREAK EVEN trader, you have a long long way to go. You will have the lack of opportunity to truly learn and internalize in terms of where the pitfalls are.

Usually, after busting an account, the brain starts to go into overdrive, and that’s when your brain will learn and gain the most within the shortest span of time. Those who give up are never meant to be traders, those who continues are either fools, gambling addicts or a success story in a distant future.

Thank you alphahavoc for your reply. Do you mean that I better trade a live account than a demo at this stage? Because I feel I still have a lot to learn. And how long do you think I should demo trade before going live?

Thanks… :blush:

Well, definitely not Live account with only 2 months of experience. If you can double up a demo account 3 times in a row. You are ready for live trading. Save your money as ammunition when you are ready for live trading.

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That’s great advise. Thanks a lot

Welcome to bp @m_nsah! I agree with @NeilKruger’s advice. The best way to go about it is to open a demo account as you go along the school of pips. :blush:

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Thank you @CoinLady I already did. But struggling between losses and breakeven

do you trade live ?

Welcome @m_nsah! Good luck with the School! Just stay consistent and be patient with your demo account. :wink:

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No not yet